The Daily Prompt: Reach

This is in response to The Daily Prompt – REACH.

Here I’m going to try to use the word REACH as much as possible.

REACH – this word is an inspiring word to me.

One can REACH their goals, or REACH out to others for many reasons.

They can REACH too far and get hurt (emotionally or physically) or they can get great satisfaction by REACHing the right person/people.

Currently, I’m trying to REACH out to others to share the book that I call my life. Though I’m just starting on this journey I feel hopeful that can REACH far enough to touch at least one person and change them. I hope that change will be for the better but time will tell.

I’m also trying to REACH my goals of writing more and sharing more with others. Learning how to better network is another goal I’m trying to REACH.

One can try to REACH someone by mail, phone or computer.

When I REACH into my pocket I’ll likely find my keys or wallet depending on what pocket I REACH into.

This prompt has REACHed a ridicules level.

I’m about to REACH my attention limit.

Now it time that this REACHes its end.

Thanks for sticking with me on this silly but fun prompt,



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