An Update

First off my vacation was strange and I felt off the whole time I was in Reno thanks to my head meds messing me all up. The good news is that I’m now off those darn things but I have to find out what I’m going to be doing now on Thursday when I see my doc again.

Back to the vacation. Other than feeling very off and having to go to the hospital due to having a lot of nasty side effects that caused major swelling in my legs and feet, high blood presser, and near fainting to name a few issues. My vacation went well until the last day. The night before ended kind of strange with Mum being a jerk to my little brother just because he didn’t want her to wear his shorts but I thought it was all fine when she apologized to him in the morning.

Apparently, I was wrong. First off she got pissed off at me for trying to take her down a “short-cut” (I was the navigator all trip) that turned out to be a bad idea thanks to a ton a winding mountain roads (Mum hates driving on them). Ok, I get this was bad and I tried to apologize to her for it. I even suggested for her to just go back the way we came but no, she was having none of that. Instead, she told me that I had been belittling her the whole vacation and that she was going to dump me off at the next town so I could get home on my own.

This pissed me off. First off if she would have told me that I was doing wrong beforethen I could have tried to do something to fix it. Secondly, and I told her this I consider her threat to “dump” me in the next town to be abandonment. So yeah, I was pissed and I told her so.

Now perhaps you’re thinking people say a lot of things when their mad. This is true and I may have written her off as just being mad but she has done similar things to me before so I had reason to believe that she would have done this so I refused to get out of the car at any rest stop. This made my legs and back hurt like hell. Not to mention I had to pee badly at one point so the last 7+ hours of my trip was horrible.

My sister and her family (her husband and 5 boys) came back with us and spent three days with us. I had a blast with them. We when to the Space Needle, ate tons of food, and when to a park while they were here. Mum spent some time with them too so I had to be nice to her despite my being angry with her.

Today is the first day I’ve had some free time to myself where I didn’t have to go anywhere since the beginning of my trip to Reno on 8/24. Do you know what I did? I decided to hang out with a friend of mine that I haven’t seen in a long while. Yep, I’m once again going somewhere… lol

Anyway, all in all my vacation was strange but good and I really enjoyed hanging out with my sister and her family. Will I do it all again next year? No, not all of it. I mean I’ll do what I can to go to Reno and see my family and if they come here I’ll certainly hang out with them again but, I’m not going to go with my mum again. I didn’t appreciate her threat and attitude towards me and my brother.

Take care everyone,



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