Weekly Goals

Last week my goals were:

  • Eat in at least 3 times a week for every meal.

I did a lot better on this than I thought I would seeing how it can be rather difficult for me to break out of a pattern especially if it’s an easy one to follow. I did eat out several times this last week but not nearly as much and I cooked more than one meal. I also ate leftovers which I can be quite bad about doing.

  • Walk for at least 30 minutes 3 times a week.

I did this and more! On Monday I hiked for about an hour and on three other days I walked about an hour or more. I also when to the market and wandered around for more than two hours. I’d say I did okay with this one.

  • Write at least 3 times a week. /Post at least once a week.

Well, I didn’t writ as much as I would have liked to but I have been physically busy this last week and I did do a lot of research when I was on the computer. If you count this post I did post once per week so I’d say I didn’t do bad on this I just didn’t do it as I expected to do.

  • Get my mental health on track.

I did go to my doctor’s appointment that got rescheduled for yesterday and talked about my head meds and the issues I had with them. He gave me a few suggestions and is allowing me to do some research before committing to anything. This will also give my brain a break from all the wonky issues caused by the last ones. I’ve also been doing a lot better keeping positive and not taking so much personally.

These goals are a work in progress but I think I did well with them. My goals for next week are:

  • Keep up on last week’s goals. Improve on them if I can i.e.: Write more and try not to eat out as much.
  • Get the house better organized. I don’t know what’s hit me but I’ve been feeling a lot more active this last week. Blame it on keeping up on some goals or a side effect of coming off almost two weeks of my old head meds messing me up or the change in the season. I don’t really care what it is other that I’d like to keep this mindset up as long as possible, but I’m glad I have been so much more productive than I had been in months.
  • Try to work on my job resume. I’ve been looking into getting a job so that I won’t have to rely on my partner’s income as much. I mean, I do make some money but I also don’t want to have to rely on “big brother” to keep food/home for me.
  • Limit spending on “silly little things.” I have been mostly good about this and not eating out as much has been a huge help but I’m trying to pay off my debt and every little bit helps. This is also another reason to want to get a job. A) I’ll have more money to spend/save. B) I’ll have less time to spend it.

Well, this looks like a good place to end this for now.

Take care everyone,



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